Santiago City

One of the reasons why the Philippines stands out is because of the hodgepodge of religions and cultures we’ve been influenced by. If you want to know all about them, it’s time to head north!

Santiago, an independent city between Isabela and Quirino, is your go-to destination. Uncover their rich history at Balay na Santiago. It’s an old house that was converted into a museum. Take a look at photos from way back when, see a lot of antique furniture, and study the other memorabilia that are displayed there.

Before heading back home, don’t forget to bring home some souvenirs. The city is known for its sugarcane products like vinegar, Muscovado sugar, sugarcane wine, and a snack that was cooked in sugar cane called patupat–sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves.

How to get there:

Take a Victory Liner bus from Kamias or Earnshaw Sampaloc terminal to Santiago.