Victory Cup 2017
- Sponsored by Victory Liner Inc.

For the past ten (10) years, FC Baguio has successfully hosted the Victory Cup during the month of May, which brings in as many as 64 teams from all over the country. This is part of the Club’s goal of making Baguio City a football destination in the Philippines. The essence of this endeavor is to improve football tournaments by staging quality football events that serves as the standard of the game.

For reservations or teams who want to join, visit their website:

Draw Your North

Your kids' drawings can get you one of the 20 sets of free KidZania Manila tickets! Send an entry and get a chance to visit the Victory Liner KidZania Station! Let them play and be tour guides, tourists and safety inspectors for a day! To find out how you can win them, read the mechanics here:

Know Your North Pangasinan
Episode 3: Manaoag

She is known to many as “Our Lady of Manaoag” but to her countless of devotees, she is called “Apo Baket”; an Ilocano term for reverence & endearment for a wise woman. Her shrine is one of the most visited religious sites for prayers in Luzon.

Come and meet the devotees who have put their faith in the healing of the Blessed Virgin Mary, found in a hill in Pangasinan.

Know Your North Pangasinan
Episode 2: Veterans

History remembers the gallantry of our Pangasinense soliders, the biggest troop that ushered the liberation of Luzon from the Japanese invaders during World War II.

72 years past the historic 1945 Lingayen Gulf Landings, only a few are alive in passing on the tale. Be moved by their stories & let us learn from the patriots who fought for our freedom.

Ipagdiwang ang kagitingan ng mga Pilipino!

Know Your North Pangasinan
Episode 1: Hundred Islands

Believed to have risen from an ancient seabed 2 million years ago, these islands are made of pre-historic corals shaped by the tides & ocean currents. It is a national park found in the Lingayen Gulf, and is a protected wildlife sanctuary that contains diverse flora, fauna and marine life.

Join Kiko Rustia as he discovers the 124-island wonder that is The Hundred Islands.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 10: Kidlat Tahimik

Kidlat Tahimik is a renowned filmmaker, environmentalist, artist and an icon of the Cordillera region.

Today, he is in a pursuit of yet another opus - an evolving work of art known as the Ili-Likha Artist Village: a creative otherworld built in honor of Baguio’s fallen trees, and dedicated to artists and independent filmmakers.

Kidlat Tahimik is one of the country’s national treasure, a prophet attempting to build a piece of utopia for future creators in his place in the world, found in the heart of Baguio.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 9: Canao

Canao is a sacred ritual of the Kankanaey people, done during feasts or celebrations in the highlands of the Cordillera. It represents the Igorot essence of thanksgiving, as everyone gathers in an ancient dance.

Performed by Prof. Melanio Cabanag from Pinsao National High School in Baguio City, this Canao is a call to preserve this ancient tradition in the midst of modernism.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 8: Pony Boy

Wright Park has been a part of many Filipino childhood photographs but who are the people behind its colorful horses? Meet one of the guides behind Baguio’s iconic horse trail rides.

Here, we explore a man’s connection with his horse, and how this relationship transcends to being more than just his job.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 7: Mt. Ulap

A day-hike that suits even beginners, Mt. Ulap is a climbable mountain all year round. Ascend her peaks and she will welcome you with majestic views of pine tree ridges, slopes of grasslands and nearby mountain ranges of the Cordillera.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 6: Kalawang

Kalinga tattoos are markings of the sacred, and are only reserved for a chosen few. And as we move into a modern world, these traditions must evolve to survive. Meet the artist who has studied the contemporary ways of tattooing all over the Philippines, and his effort to preserve the disappearing culture of the “mambabatok”.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 5: Strawberry Taho

For many Filipinos, taho is a childhood staple that satisfied sweet cravings in the morning, after school or before church. The cup of sweet goodness is a mixture of soy, brown syrup (arnibal) topped with tapioca (sago). What's great is taho can be found anywhere in the Philippines but in Baguio, taho has a fruity twist.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 4: Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Mt. Cloud Bookshop has been a piece of literary heaven for Baguio since 2010. Get to know the people behind Baguio's beloved bookshop and why Baguio is second home to many literary giants.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 3: Hardin sa Hapag

La Trinidad, Benguet is known as the “Salad Bowl of the Cordillera.” Feast your eyes as we follow their fresh produce from farm to table.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 2: Diplomat Hotel

A seminary in the early 1900s, destroyed during WWII, restored and turned into the Diplomat Hotel in the 1970s. Today, its ruins are known as one of Baguio’s most haunted places. For the latest episode of Know Your North Series, have a walkthrough of Baguio’s famous haunted spot sitting atop Dominican Hill. Join Kiko Rustia as he visits The Diplomat Hotel to get you in the mood for the Halloween.

Know Your North Baguio
Episode 1: Baguio Artists

Meet three artists from Baguio who repurpose materials into works of art. From stitching stories with used clothes, making mosaics out of broken tiles and breathing new life into garbage to make beautiful installations.

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